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This site was created for the arcade gamer in mind. Hopefully the arcade generation will spread to the younger kids of today. Console games are great but do not offer the experience and nostalgia as they do for the arcade generation kids like us. -- read more

Wed, Apr 1 2015, 6:15PM JNX now sells JAMMA Voltmeters, JAMMA -5v Adapters and Pandora/Blue Elf Adapters!!!

Due to popular demand, JNX now offers these items, just plug and play. Located in the Store under Arcade>Board Adapters.

Sat, Oct 11 2014, 12:15PM JROK Encoders and Sync Cleaners are Back in Stock!! And now carrying Neobitz-S encoders!!!

JROK 4.1 encoders and JROK Sync Cleaners are back in stock. Store>Arcade>Hardware.
We are now carrying the Neobitz-S encoder for anything NeoGeo it looks amazing, hands down best NeoGeo encoder.

Wed, Aug 6 2014, 11:01AM Random Thanks from JNX!!!

Over the years I noticed some people in the arcade community that always back JNX. I really appreciate it. Big thanks to mjmjr, Guntz, Dangerboy, Merlin, Bar81, JMKurtz, Adderall, RAZO, LegoSlug, TurboCro, shiryu7 and a lot more. More random thanks to come.

Wed, Jan 1 2014, 12:01AM Happy New Year from JNX!!!

Happy new year to all the arcade guys and gals out there!! I hope you get the games you want and fix the ones you couldn't in 2014.

Wed, Dec 25 2013, 9:12AM Merry Christmas!!

I hope everyone is having a merry Christmas and spending quality time with their families and not only focusing on their gifts. The true gift is the time spent with your loving family. Happy holidays from JNX!!

Sat, Dec 21 2013, 2:28PM Hanzo VGA/SLG Boxes are Back in Stock!!

The Hanzo for the Sega Dreamcast is back in stock. Store>Scanline Generators.

Wed, Oct 9 2013, 1:35PM JROK Encoders and Sync Cleaners are Back in Stock!!

JROK Products are back in stock. Store>Arcade>Hardware.

Sat, Sep 15 2013, 11:12AM JNX now carries Quiet CPS2 Fan Replacements!!

Fans are now in stock. Store>Arcade>CPS2.

Fri, Apr 19 2013, 9:13AM We now carry Neo Geo X Modded Items!!!

Neo Geo X Products are in stock, limited supply. Store>Neo Geo Home Consoles.

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