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This site was created for the arcade gamer in mind. Hopefully the arcade generation will spread to the younger kids of today. Console games are great but do not offer the experience and nostalgia as they do for the arcade generation kids like us. -- read more

Sat, March 4 2017, 7:31PM New JNX Adapters in the JNX Store!!!

New in the JNX store is the JNX Rage adapter for playing your Primal Rage PCB in a JAMMA/JAMMA+ or MVS cab. We also have the JNX Big Red v1.2 for playing JAMMA PCBs in your Neo Geo Big Red multislot cabinets, now in stock with stereo input support.

Tue, December 6 2016, 12:31PM JNX Clearance Items in the JNX Store!!!

JNX is having a 25% off clearance sale on the Big Red v1.0 JAMMA Adapters(Version 1.1 will support stereo input), Lazy Finger and the Spitfire. Limited supply, get them before they are gone for good.

Sat, September 17 2016, 9:50AM JNX Big Red Adapter is back in stock in the JNX Store!!!

Also, JNX Atlas Adapters are now available in the store as well.

Tue, June 21 2016, 11:36AM JNX SpitFire available for Pre-order in the JNX Store!!!

Also, JNX CPS1/2 to Namco Adapters are now available in the store as well. Atlas adapters are back in stock. too.

Wed, June 15 2016, 10:30AM Father's Day Special on clear GOTWs!!

From now until June 20th, the JNX GOTW clear is only $2.99, price will show up when added to cart.
***This sale has been extended until the end of the month!!

Tue, June 14 2016, 9:21AM JNX Original Products now Available in the Store!!

LazyFingers, GOTW and Stryder are available again. Atlas adapters are currently out of stock, waiting on new stock to arrive.

Sun, January 24 2016, 2:44PM Bunch of Adapters and the JNX LazyFinger soon to be back in stock!!

Atlas adapters, JAMMA voltmeters, -5v Adapters, CPSX Adapters, Sega System 16/24 JAMMA Adapters are soon to be back in stock. We are waiting on the shipment, hopefully within a week. Also, the JNX Lazyfinger is coming back in a batch of only 50 units. We will be only selling the LazyFinger on ebay due to it's limited run.

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