Jamma Nation X Super MVS Converter 2 Review

Super MVS Converter 2 Review

This review is for the Super MVS Convter 2 by the Neo Flash Team.

What's in the box?

Flat Head Screwdriver
CD With Instructions
Super MVS Converter 2

Front of Converter

Back of Converter

What does it do?

The SMVSC2 lets you play standard arcade MVS games on your Neo-Geo home system.

Why should I get one?

The SMVSC2 can save you big bucks if you want to play the rarer games for the system.

Below are a few examples.
Game Name AES Price Range MVS Price Range
Blazing Star $750 - $900 $40 - $75
Kizuna Encounter $110 - $19,000 $45 - $100
Mark of the Wolves $350 - $650 $45 - $90
Metal Slug $1300 - $2850 $30 - $60
Super Sidekicks 4: Ultimate 11 $600 - $10,000 $15 - $70
Twinkle Star Sprites $600 - $700 $100 - $160

How do I use it?

To use the Super MVS Converter 2 you simply insert the MVS cartridge in the the converter with the arrow on the MVS cart facing you, then install it into the AES.
Do not install the MVS game while the converter is already in the system. The insertion resistance is the same as an MVS cart slot unlike the Phantom-1 converter which was riddiculously tight.

Is there any problems with it?

The drawback to all games being compatible is the fact that the Super MVS Converter 2 has a scaling problem on games that use slow scaling, most noticeable in Last Blade.
Below is a video showing the problem. Please wait for video to load, 32mb in size.

Click here for Full Length Video

Last Blade shows the scaling problem a lot better than AOF. Notice in the background that the trees look wavy.
The scaling can supposedly be fixed by adjusting the pot on the front right side of the converter, sorta like fine tuning the game. Simply use the flat screwdriver to adjust it left or right.
This pot however doesn't work all the time and sometimes makes very minimal change to the game.

The "100% All Games" claim isn't entirely accurate as well. Games such as Jockey Grandprix will not play with the converter, this is simply due to the fact that Jockey Grandprix requires backup ram on startup. You may might not be able to use it with an X-in-1 cart as well since some of them require you to insert a coin which isn't possible with an AES with a stock bios.

How much does it cost?

The Super MVS Converter 2 sells for around $250 new. It can be found used for $175-$225. The optional power supply used on systems using a Pro-Pow 3 PSU is roughly $20. Because of the price tag for these converters it is a better choice as a whole to go with a consolized MVS system.
Going with a CMVS gives you access to all MVS games and no scaling problems. If you do plan to get a super MVS converter II make sure you get the one with the blue led, it is the newer version.


Even though the Super MVS Converter 2 has scaling problems it still plays more games than previous converters. The fact that the cart slot connector in the converter is the same as on an MVS system makes it leagues better than the Phantom-1 alone. There of course is room for improvement but seems like there is a lack of support for this product by the company so customers are left with what they got as is. There was early support for the converter as the original converter had a Red LED instead of Blue. The Blue version had some updates applied to it. Make sure yours is the Blue LED version. If you get a Red LED version you might be able to have it updated by the Neo Flash Team.

In closing I still think a consolized MVS is a better investment or a supergun with an MVS PCB. Sometimes when you use the converter you need to reinsert the MVS cart into it and other times you need to reinsert the converter into the AES, this depends heavily on how clean the cart slots are on your converter and AES.

Xian Xi
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